What is Apomedica?

As a leading pharmaceutical company in Austria, we have been producing non-prescription herbal medicinal products and food supplements for five decades. We combine scientific findings and the traditional knowledge of healing with the aim of promoting our customers’ health and well-being. APOMEDICA has been a family-owned undertaking ever since its foundation in 1968 and has maintained its commitment to highest quality and strictest pharmaceutical standards to this day.

Dr. Böhm® has been a hallmark for high quality and superior formulations of plants and minerals for many years, always in keeping with the latest scientific findings.

The trade name LUUF® has stood for gentle healing with a strong effect in the treatment of colds for 50 years. Highest quality is the key characteristic of all LUUF® products.

APOZEMA® Homeopathy is the gentle medicine for the whole family. Carefully chosen homeopathic substances and minerals are combined in such a way that they complement each other in their effect.

Our formulations and active ingredients, whose effects are proven and internationally documented, account for the high quality of our skin care products.

The success story of Apomedica

Apomedica was founded by the physician and pharmacist Dr. Friedrich Böhm in 1968.

As different as the four Apomedica product groups may be, what they all have in common is not only their scientifically confirmed lead in quality but also their well-measured dosage, which provides a further benefit in addition to the desired effect.

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