The Best Raw Materials Guaranteed quality – from the raw material to the finished product

As an Austrian company, Apomedica follows international standards and is always in keeping with the state-of-the-art. Apomedica’s number one principle is not only the use of the best raw materials but also compliance with the most stringent quality standards in production. For the manufacture of its plant-based products, only plants and fruits (e.g. pumpkin seeds), grown in controlled environments, are used without exception.

  • Apomedica products are manufactured exclusively from high-quality raw materials: “We feel responsible for people. This is why our medicinal products and food supplements are composed exclusively of premium plant extracts, minerals, trace elements, vitamins and homeopathic substances”, explains Mag. pharm. Dr. rer. nat. Albert Kompek, Head of Research & Development at Apomedica.

    Mag. pharm. Dr. rer. nat. Albert Kompek
    Head of Research & Development Apomedica

  • “Austrian quality with responsible persons who believe in their products is absolutely essential for us”, says Managing Director Mag. Ruth Fischer.

    Mag. Ruth Fischer
    Corporate Management Apomedica

Using various extracting agents such as water, alcohol, oils or CO2, and applying a patented manufacturing procedure, the active ingredients are extracted from the crushed plants and separated from their structural materials (e.g. cellulose).

The liquid extracting agent has now fulfilled its task and is evaporated using various procedures (e.g. freeze drying), thus producing a highly-concentrated dry extract. This is then formed into tablets or dragées. This allows the natural active ingredients of the original plant to be administered in the highly-concentrated form of a tablet – like the mirror image of nature.

The active ingredients are extracted from the pumpkin seeds and pressed into tablets.

The raw materials for all plant-based products have been grown, without exception, in controlled environments.

The plant substances are extracted with liquid extracting agents (in this case methanol).

Then the extracting agent is evaporated, producing a concentrated dry extract.