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Health and well-being are in the focus of our attention. Apomedica, therefore, sees itself not only as a manufacturer of medicinal products, food supplements and dietary food, but also as an adviser on health issues.

With this end in view, many interesting articles have been compiled in the Dr. Böhm® Companion.

Questions & Answers

Can the products be ordered directly from Apomedica?

Private persons cannot order the products directly. As a high-quality product requires competent professional advice, our entire product range is sold exclusively through pharmacies.


Have experiments with animals ever been carried out for Apomedica’s products (Dr. Böhm®, Apozema, LUUF®, LaseptonMED®)?

No, experiments with animals have never been carried out for any of the Apomedica products – neither for its medicinal products nor for its food supplements or cosmetic products.


Which colouring agents are used?

In general, the products contain only natural colourants such as beet red, beta-carotene, mineral salts (iron oxides), and chlorophyll.


Which quality criteria apply to Apomedica’s products?

Apomedica uses, without exception, raw materials of the highest pharmaceutical quality for all of its products. Each batch is examined specifically for certain purity criteria such as heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, and allergens. All products (medicinal products as well as cosmetic products and food supplements) are manufactured exclusively in Austria, Germany and Switzerland in compliance with the highest pharmaceutical standards (GMP).


Are genetically modified plant extracts (GMO) contained in one or more Apomedica products or do they show an anabolic effect?

All plant extracts used by Apomedica are of genuine origin and GMO-free. Thanks to a GMP-certified manufacturing procedure and the resulting regulatory requirements, any contamination with anabolic substances can be excluded.

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